Mighty Wave

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I kept up the job with Mr. Carter long after I was done with High School.  It helped me pay the bills through college, and while I learned about life on my own as a young single guy.

I remember one lesson I learned later in life in particular from a Buckskin aptly named Mighty Wave.  You see, I’ll never forget his name because the lesson I learned was a hard one, and was a result of me hitting the waves instead of tending to my jobs and what needed to be done.

One beautiful afternoon, instead of heading to the stable, I grabbed my Tower inflatable stand up paddle board and loaded up with some of my friends to hit the beach and catch a few waves.  We had an awesome time – the surf was great, the company was even better.  It felt great to blow off responsibility for a while and just enjoy life – especially life at the beach!  I just needed to let off some steam, escape reality for a bit, and just enjoy time as a young man, free from all chains of real life.

Little did I know, a crisis was happening back at Mr. Carter’s barn.  Mighty Wave, who was expecting a foal any day, had gone into labor that morning, and was in distress.  They had to call in a team to help her.  It was quite the event, from what I heard told back to me later.

And I missed it.  I missed being able to help.  Mighty Wave and her foal were almost lost that day because of my negligence.  Mr. Carter thought I was checking on her, and so he delayed his usual visit to the barn until it was almost too late to help.

Thankfully, though, he had a feeling that something wasn’t right, and made it in time.  I was in so much trouble for my playing hooky, and it took a long time, rightfully so, until Mr. Carter trusted me fully again.

Mighty Wave recovered nicely, and her foal is another beautiful buckskin Mr. Carter was able to add to the growing number he nurtured.  She still is a beautiful horse, and is even more beautiful to ride.  She does, however, seem to have a little chip on her shoulder towards me, even today.  She always prances around with her head held high around me, and even tries to buck me in jest sometimes.

Riding Mighty Wave couldn’t even compare to being on the water riding this amazing ISUP around.  While the ocean is a strong temptress, I’ll take the saddle any day.  I’ve learned my lesson!