The All-Time Most Popular Race Horses

Being in a ranch and taking care of horses, it cannot be avoided Horsesthat you would hear talks about the most famous race horses ever to be bred and born. Every fan will have a different opinion from the other.

I will share with you some of the most talked about horses from the past until now. This post is not arranged in a particular order, this is just my way of sharing and for readers to get to know these creatures that have made a mark in history.


Seabiscuit is a champion stallion thoroughbred racehorse during the 1930s. He rose to fame when rich breeders and racehorse owners criticized him for his size. He was small and unpredictable but Charles Howard bought him otherwise because he saw a future for him. Howard hired trainer Sunny Jim Fitzimmons and Tom Smith along with Red Pollard and George Woolf as his jockeys. He has proven to every horse racing fans all over the world that his size and breed is not a hindrance towards winning. He has beaten other thoroughbreds like War Admiral, who happens to be his uncle and the top horse at their time.

Man O’ War

Dubbed as “The Greatest Horse Of All Time”, Man O’ War is the grandsire of Seabiscuit and the sire of War Admiral, who would go on to become rivals. In his career as a racehorse, he has won 20 races out of 21. He retired earning a total of $249,465. He was foaled from popular and prominent horses.

Black Caviar

Some would consider her as the modern-day Man O’ War. Black Caviar is a mare which was foaled in 2006. Since the start of her career, she has remained in the top ranks being an undefeated thoroughbred racehorse 25 to 0.

Statue of a Horse

War Admiral

Though not as popular as his father Man O’ War and nephew Seabiscuit, War Admiral won 21 races out of 26 and retired with a total of $273,240 earnings. His owner badmouthed Seabiscuit during their peak of popularity saying that War Admiral’s breeding is superior against the small champion horse. Their race was watched by many and was a symbol of hope for America during its great economic depression. He was beaten by Seabiscuit but went on to win other races as well. He retired from the racing world and became a stud. War Admiral is the sire of a total of 40 race winners one of them being Busher.