About Me

Did you know that Buckskin horses are among the strongest, and in my opinion, most beautiful horses around?

I spent my life in barns and stables, and have been around plenty of horses. None have stood out to me like the Buckskins. They are truly a magnificent animal.

My love began while working for Mr. Carter in his stables when I was in high school. He didn’t pay much, and I didn’t care. I mucked out stalls as fast as I could, and always smuggled in treats for his Buckskins for the extra time I had left before I had to head home. My bond with Buckskins has only grown stronger since.

I know I’m not alone in my wonder over Buckskins, and wanted to share that love with others who would appreciate it. If you have a special Buckskin story, I’d love to hear it. Email┬áme here.

I hope you’ll like what you find here. ┬áStay around for a while!